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OSR Holdings, an Open and Socially Responsible Healthcare Group

OSR Holdings

OSR Holdings

OSR Holdings leverages its international network of partners in the US, Europe, and South Korea to market and license its pipeline of proprietary platform technologies for broad application to efficient clinical trial programs, with the ultimate goal of addressing unmet medical needs.

We partner with biotherapeutics companies with innovative and proprietary drug R&D "platform technologies" versus "assets only" companies, whose commercial viability is heavily dependent on positive results for individual treatment modalities in extremely rigorous and time consuming clinical trials.
We focus on value creation through investments and collaborations with US and EU biotech companies, with the strategic goal of expansion into South Korea (specifically) and Asia (generally). We deploy our biotech healthcare platforms in these areas:

  • Cancer treatment;
  • Therapeutic antibodies;
  • Engineered protein and enzyme drugs;
  • Cellular therapies;
  • Engineered viruses and bacteria;
  • DNA/RNA-modifying technologies.
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